Benefits Of Elevator Modernization

Benefits Of Elevator Modernization

If you searching for the Elevator Modernization Benefits, this post should help! This article will cover the benefits of elevator modernization and what needs to be considered. In addition, when searching for elevator modernization services, we are here to assist you with that too.

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Do I Need An Elevator Modernization?

An elevator’s service life averages 20 years, old than this and their performance capabilities begin to decrease. When you start to notice your commercial elevator is no longer performing as it once did, it is often the first sign of considering elevator modernization.

To learn if your commercial elevators should be modernized, depends on the satisfaction of the tenants. If you are receiving many c9ompalints regarding the elevator, then the manager needs to start considering elevator modernization to ensure an efficient and reliable service. In addition, consider the number of service calls made on the elevator over the past 12 months, if there has been an increase compared to the prior year, it can be a sign too.

Elevator Modernization Benefits

Take a look at the benefits of modernizing your commercial elevator system.

  1. Modernization Increases Efficiency 
  2. Modernizing Reduced Energy Costs
  3. Reduces Electromagnetic Noise 
  4. Modernization Compatibility & Upgrade Benefits

Modernization Increases Efficiency

Elevator modernization won’t necessarily increase elevator speed, rather, it increases the elevator’s efficiency.” [1]  One benefit of elevator modernization is that it uses destination dispatch technology to group passengers based on there desired destination. Therefore, the wait times are reduced, eliminating wasted trips to other floors. There are microprocessors with the ability of learning your building’s usual traffic patterns, and adjust accordingly. The elevator rates can be increased or decreased as well, allowing them to open and/or close quicker.

Modernizing Lowers Energy Costs

When you modernize a commercial elevator, it allows you to make it more energy efficient, reducing energy costs. During the descend, modernized elevators are able to send energy to the building, instead of simply releasing the heat. You will find it requires less energy for machines to cool the room.

Reduced Electromagnetic Noise

Computers and wireless networks are quite sensitive when it comes to electromagnetic noise. By ensuring your elevator systems are modernized, you can help reduce electromagnetic noise. However, solid-state drive elevators range in noise levels produced.

Modernization Upgrade and Compatibility Advantages

Modernization can impact Electrical performances. Older elevator generations may not be compatible with the newer solid-state drives. The reason for this is due to the new SSD’s not tolerating variations in power quality.

A closed loop door operating system may be upgraded by facility managers now, then replaced with a newer system down the road. Using a closed loop operator enables the monitoring of door positions to increase performance. In addition, the system can indicate when there is drag in the motor because of a pressure issue or something being stuck on the elevator track, allowing changes to be made. We have another post “Elevator Modernization Factors” that offer more for considering.

Evaluations for Elevator Modernization

The first step a building manager should consider when looking into elevator modernization, is the elevator modernization evaluation. This measures various areas, including acceleration, deceleration, door opening and closing times, sound, and vibrations. These factors can reveal any weak points within the elevator system to give the earliest warning of poor performance.

Full Modernization VS. Small Elevator Upgrade

“It might be possible to make small improvements, rather than undertake a full modernization, which could save thousands of dollars.” [2] A small upgrade could save thousands in costs. Obtaining an elevator evaluation can inform building managers of any areas that may need upgrading with any of the systems to ensure they are within current building codes. To help avoid future breakdowns, a regular elevator inspection is recommended.

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